$10 Dollar Tree Spring Wreath

Dollar Tree Spring Wreath

$10 Dollar Tree Spring Wreath

I love to hang a new wreath on my door every season. Problem is they can get costly. I have been heading to my local Dollar Tree and making one from there. It only costs around $10. That is pretty darn cheap to change out every season. You can also keep them and reuse them for a few years.

Dollar Tree Spring Wreath-2

This Spring Wreath is so very simple that there isn’t much directions, no glue, and only simple wrapping to make it. Start out by purchasing seven different flowers and a grass sprig (mine had butterflies) at your Dollar Tree. I found all my supplies in the front of the store. I also purchased a willow wreath and floral wire. You may want to purchase some wire cutters as well but I already had some.

Cut off each individual flower pushing the leaves toward the flower first. Leave about 3 inches of stem.

Dollar Tree Spring Wreath

I randomly selected flowers but tried not to put 2 of the same next to each other. Lay the flower on the wreath and begin wrapping about an inch below the head of the flower. Wrap a few times around securely.

Dollar Tree Spring Wreath-3

Dollar Tree Spring Wreath-4
Add another flower and wrap again the same. I cut the wire and wrapped it back into itself to finish it off. I also did cut it a few times during the project to keep tangling down to a minimum. I also used a long piece of the wire to make a tie to hang the wreath from.

Dollar Tree Spring Wreath-5

Dollar Tree Spring Wreath-6

I only tuck in the grass pieces and butterflies. They are not secured and so far its been hanging up for a week and is fine. I love the spring flowers in this one. Brings back memories of the flowers in Michigan during springtime. Its one of the few things I miss about Michigan, tulips and fall leaves! Dollar tree had me at tulips 🙂 Let me know if you make one

Dollar Tree Spring Wreath-8

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